Status Anxiety recommend using their leather protectant to prevent staining and to lengthen the life of your gear.

Regular cleaning using a damp cloth with warm soapy water every month or so will also keep your bag looking its best (don't use baby wipes, vinegar, etc.)
Try to avoid touching leather if you have any grease on your hands (or recently applied hand cream). Be careful of dark clothing on light leather too as the colour might transfer onto the leather.

It's also best to leave out of direct sunlight as it'll cause the colour to fade and the leather to dry out. When not in use, keep your bag stuffed in its dust bag.

Natural Pebble Leather
This soft pebble leather has a luxuriously soft hand feel and features the natural variation of the leather characteristics and grain. We recommend using a leather protectant to provide extra protection from staining and water damage.

Waxed Cowhide Leather
Our waxed cowhide leather comes in a variety of semi gloss colours. We have produced this leather in our tannery specifically to avoid scratching, however please be careful not to rub this leather against rough surfaces to avoid unwanted marking. If it scratching occurs, rub your thumb firmly in the affected area to reduce/repair marking.

Bubble Leather
This leather has a thick soft buttery hand feel and obvious natural grain variation, making each piece more unique and unrepeatable than other leather types. Being a calf leather it's softer than most other leather types, so be careful not to rub this leather against rough surfaces to avoid unwanted scratching of the leather surface.

Nubuck is similar to suede, but is created from the outer side of a hide, giving it more strength and thickness and a fine grain. Though Nubuck leather is more fibrous and can be marked if not careful we have added a stain protectant to the leather in our tannery before production to avoid excessive staining and to make it easier to clean. In addition, we recommend using our leather protectant as it will provide a strong barrier against staining and water damage.

Printed Cowhide Leather
All our 'furs' are printed cowhides and can be cared for in the same way as most other common leather types. A leather protectant will provide protection from staining and water damage. Excessive rubbing of hide/hair on hard surfaces may cause it to fall out, particularly where there is a firm edge like the spine of a wallet or corners of a bag.